Ben Affleck On If He'll Direct A Batman Solo Movie


When Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman of the united DC Cinematic Universe, many speculated whether Affleck would direct a future Batman film. After all, Affleck was an award winning direct and had just won an Academy Award for Best Picture for his 2012 movie Argo, in which he also starred. Since then, plenty of rumors have linked Affleck to the director's chair of an (unannounced) Batman solo movie or series of movies.

While Affleck has largely been mum on the rumors surrounding the alleged Batman film, he did give a tantalizing non-answer in an interview with USA Today. When asked whether one of his motivations for playing Batman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was the opportunity "to tell his own story" featuring the Caped Crusader, the actor replied that he had never considered directing a blockbuster superhero film. "I'll just say going through the process, I would never have imagined that I could or would direct a movie like this," Affleck said.

However, Affleck added that working with Zack Snyder, director of Batman V. Superman might have changed his mind. "[I]n working with [Snyder] and seeing what he did and watching him every day, I got really inspired by that and by seeing the scope on which he was telling the story, by seeing what he was able to do with this kind of mythic story on a grand scale."

So for those keeping track at home, Affleck didn't say yes to a future Batman film...but he didn't say no either.

Affleck will appear as Batman in Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad, both out this year, and will reprise his role in the upcoming Justice League movies...and possibly more DC superhero films down the line.


(via USA Today)