Big Batman Vs Superman Reveal, Maybe Wonder Woman Costume On Monday?

Batman V. Superman Wonder Woman Costume

The official Warner Bros. Tours Twitter account is teasing a big reveal on Monday. First, Warner Bros. Tours tweeted an image of the Bat Signal, along with the text, "We're getting ready to "unmask" a big secret. Stay tuned! #wbtour."

Of course, the first thought might be that something related to the Batman movies might be getting added to the Warner Bros. Studio tours. It would certainly make sense with Batman's 75th anniversay coming up.

Then, Warner Bros. Tours tweeted an image of three costumes from Man of Steel, along with the text, "What's #Superman guarding? The curtain will be lifted soon! #wbtour." Of course, the second tweet kind of suggests instead of being solely Batman related that the big secret is Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice related.

However, Warner Bros. Tours then deepended the mystery, tweeting, "Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...irrelevant, because our secret isn't about #Superman."

With the hints pointing to both Batman and Superman and the indication that it's not about Superman, many on Twitter are suggesting that it could be Wonder Woman related. Given that there is some major Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice filming scheduled soon, it would make sense that Warner Bros. would want to reveal Wonder Woman's costume before set photos leak out. Also, the hint about looking up in the sky for a plane could be a reference to Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet.

Of course it might seem unusual for Warner Bros. to make such a big reveal on a Twitter account for their tours, but the initial tweet was re-tweeted by the official DC Entertainment Twitter. What better way to build up a lot of followers for various Warner Bros. Twitter accounts than to have them make big Batman V. Superam: Dawn of Justice reveals?

However, when one fan asked if it was the new Batfleck cave, Warner Bros. Tours replied, "You're not far off." So, maybe it is Batman related after all? A couple of other responses by Warner Bros. Tours seemed to suggest it could be vehicle related, so maybe something involving the Batmobile?

Warner Bros. Tours also did indicate that the big secret would be revealed on Monday, so at least fans won't have long to wait.