Captain America: The Winter Soldier Has Completed Filming

Captain America The Winter Soldier Logo

Today at Disney's D23 Expo, Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige told the audience that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has completed principal photography and is headed into editing, reports Marvel's Ryan Penagos, livetweeting today's live action panel as Agent M.

The film's cast showed up to promote at the convention, with star Chris Evans telling the audience that he took advantage of his relationship with Marvel's now-parent company to visit Disneyland shortly before production began on the film.

Penagos then added, "Or he wanted to go before filming. But he's probably going to go after."

Of course, this is his second Captain America solo film and his third film as the character, but when Captain America: The First Avenger went into production, Marvel wasn't yet property of the House of Mouse.

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