Constantine Fans Launch Petition to Get Show Back On Air


A group of Constantine fans have officially launched a petition to bring the show back. They call it "Save Constantine," but over half a year later, you'd really have to call it something more like "resurrect Constantine using a Lazarus Pit," wouldn't you?

The petition has nearly reached its 5,000 signature goal, and the fans then plan to present it to any number of individuals and networks, including The CW, where the character guest-starred in Arrow last week to great ratings, and USA, a sister-network to NBC, where Constantine originally aired its first (and as-yet-only) season.

The question of course remains how much 5,000 petition signers would mean when the NBC series finished with 3.13 million viewers in its finale in February. A similar petition was launched all the way back in November 2014 when the show was in trouble, garnering over 30,000 signatures.

For his part, actor Matt Ryan seems like he'd be into the idea of a return. He told, "But as I said, this character has been so enjoyable to play that it's something that I would jump into at any time, to be honest with you."


Arrow episode "Haunted" featuring John Constantine is now available for streaming on CW Now, Hulu, on demand, and available for purchase from most digital retailers.