Cryptozoic Announces Ghostbusters II The Board Game


Cryptozoic unleased Ghostbusters: The Board Game on Kickstarter last year, and didn't have to wait long for it to get completely funded.

The same team is back with the second entry in the series, aptly titled Ghostbusters: The Board Game II, which is set to launch on Kickstarter sometime in April. The new game will introduce new mechanics and features, such as the new Slime Blower Pack Ghostbusters. The new units will come in handy as the game also features new Ooze entities that have the ability to split into multiple units and then form back together. You'll also have new allies and equipment that will help you even the odds, like the Ecto Goggles or Portal Destabilizers.

The story of the game will is written by Ghostbusters comics writer Erik Burnham, and will feature the foursome attempting to stop a new slime threat called Mood Slime, which is trying to flood the city and bring back villain mainstay Vigo.


Take a look at the previous Ghostbusters Board Game in the photo above, and let us know what you would like to see in the sequel.