Every Harry Potter Fan Needs This Self-Writing Spellbook

If you’re someone who’s wondered what it would be like to enter the magical world of Harry [...]

If you're someone who's wondered what it would be like to enter the magical world of Harry Potter, then you can begin immersing yourself through this spooky self-writing spellbook. This mystical item is sure to please any Harry Potter fanatic as the book is filled with some dark, mysterious secrets. Honestly, it seems like the sort of spellbook a witch or wizard could only find down Knockturn Alley.

Obviously, the book's most impressive feature lies in its 'ability' to self-write. A quill accessory comes with the spellbook that looks as if it can write on its own once it's attached to the book. However, it seems there's more science behind the quill's magical properties than - well - actual magic. Instead of using any sort of hocus pocus, the book uses a hidden magnetic track to hold the quill upright, making it appear as if the writing utensil is drawing diagrams from the beyond.

As for the book itself, it seems to be a bit spookier than Harry Potter's traditional fare though fans may argue that The Monster Book of Monsters is pretty off-putting. Opening the spellbook will cause the item to glow an eerie shade of yellow-green while internal speakers sound off screams and the noise of breaking glass. Clearly, this book would be situated in Hogwart's Restricted Section if it were to make it into the castle, keeping other titles like the Shrieking Book company.

Of course, self-writing quills are no strangers to Harry Potter. The writing tools are well-known in the wizarding world, and moviegoers even saw characters such as Rita Skeeter use the animated quills on the big screen. In the books, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes also sold the sought-after tool and even offered shoppers a free Cyrillic Model during a manager's special at one point in time.

If you're interested in adding this special spellbook to your own Harry Potter cosplay or Halloween decorations, then you can order the item for just $35. And, should you want to check out the item's full product description, then you can read it below:

"What mystical force could actually bring a book to life? The answer will forever stay locked deep within the pages of our Animated Writing Spellbook. An absolute must-have for every spine-tingling setting. At first glance, it's a witch's tome, adorned in wicked detail with a spider, web motif, and title, "SPELLS." Peek inside, if you dare, and the pages illuminate; a symphony of screams, breaking glass, and creaking begins; then this ghostly sight...authentic quill begins to circle a mysterious diagram, all by itself! A whole lot of boo for the buck, too."