Five Things That Might Also Be in Amanda Waller's Trophy Case


Breaking out of a huge rumor today, that Amanda Waller is a collector of sorts and she might already have Aquaman's trident as part of her collection. Now, we know that Waller is trying to keep tabs on superhumans and ole Orin might have been her first target. 

So what else does she have in her collection? What could she have as proof or might be a weapon against the oncoming storm of superhuman populating the world? Here are five theories that make the most sense. 

5. Amazonian Weaponry 

wondy sword

It's long been confirmed that Wonder Woman will make her big screen debut with Dawn of Justice, but what if Waller is already in on the know about a mysterious island inhabited by a warrior society of women? What if she has some articles of weaponry or armor that gives her an idea of what she's up against? These will be like nothing she's faced before. 

4. Abin Sur's Spacecraft

abin sur escape pod

Or perhaps some of it, anyways. The Green Lantern movie is still a few years away, and it's looking more and more that the GL representation will be John Stewart, but that's yet to be confirmed. So let's say the ring has already transferred, but Waller knows that Earth is becoming a hub for alien worlds to crash land and possibly takeover after sometime. Let's say she doesn't know the cause of the crash, but knows that there is a being on Earth that now has the power of creation. 

3. Thanagarian Weaponry


This one is a bit of a long-shot, but again goes back to possibilities that the DC Cinematic Universe can achieve in the long run. Not saying Hawkman will get his own movie or anything like that, but what if he's used as the Hulk of the group later on. Could work, right? Waller could have her hands on some precious nth metal and is studying its properties and this could be a good way for Thanagar to get introduced. 

2. Batarang


This simple device confirms the existence of the urban legend known as the Batman. Little is known about him, much less any evidence that he absolutely exists. Is he friend or foe? Waller has yet to make up her mind about that. 

1. Kryptonite 

Kryptonite crystal


And the big one. Does she have samples of this radiated material that is pieces of Superman's former home? Makes sense that she would. Superman's existence is something to be a subject of worry for some people. Are more aliens coming? How can we stop them if they do? Waller might just have the answer here. 

So what do you think readers. Just how embedded into the DC Universe is Waller? Let us know your thoughts below!