Fringe - The Equation Episode


On "The Equation" episode of Fringe, a child music prodigy is abducted by a serial kidnapper. A sequence of flashing lights appeared at the abduction, and Walter Bishop is able to link the lights back to his bunkmate at St. Claire's Hospital. Olivia Dunham encourages Walter to pay a return visit to St. Claire's Hospital. Peter Bishop is dismayed over his father's trip back to the hospital, and Walter's determination to help ends up having chilling ramifications. "The Equation" episode of Fringe airs on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 from 9 PM to 10 PM ET/PT on FOX. The guest cast for "The Equation" episode of Fringe includes Charlie Tehan as Ben Stockton, Gillian Jacobs as Attendant, Bill Sadler as Doctor Sumner, Randall Duk Kim as Dashiell Briggs, and Adam Grupper as Andrew Stockton. Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX