Game Of Thrones Season 7 Directors Lineup Reportedly Revealed

Game Of Thrones is returning in 2017 for its seventh season, and HBO has confirmed it will be the second-to-last for the series. Instead of the usual 10 episode order, the final two seasons will consist of around seven episodes each.

Over the last several years, Game Of Thrones has been praised for the way the directors have been able to incorporate their own styles and visions. While most shows just throw directors into a set framework, Game Of Thrones allows its directors some freedom from episode to episode.

For example, the last two episodes of season six felt completely different from the rest of the series. Miguel Sapochnik directed the episodes, along with season five's 'Hardhome'. These three have stood out as the most celebrated of the series, and they are constantly praised for their visceral action scenes and gritty camera work.

Monday, Watchers On The Wall released a report, outlining which directors would helm the episodes of season seven.

Episode 1: Jeremy Podeswa

Episode 2: Mark Mylod

Episode 3: Mark Mylod

Episode 4: Matt Shakman

Episode 5: Matt Shakman

Episode 6: Alan Taylor

Episode 7: Jeremy Podeswa

(Photo: HBO)

Matt Shakman is the only newcomer to this list, as the rest have directed various episodes throughout the series. Shakman also stands out as a director who has focused primarily on comedy in the past. He's worked on hits like Always Sunny In Phildelphia, and You're The Worst, so maybe his brand of dark humor will add to characters like Tyrion or Brom.

Mark Mylod is a veteren director of premium cable series. In addition to directing four episodes of Game Of Thrones, Mylod has worked on shows like The Affair, Shameless, and Entourage.

Alan Taylor is a celebrated name among Game Of Thrones directors, as he helmed the episode titled 'Baelor'. If you don't remember this one by its name, this is the episode where Eddard Stark was killed. It's worth noting that Taylor is directing the second-to-last episode of the season, which has always been the most pivotal of each season.

Finally, Jeremy Podeswa is bookending the season, directing both the first and last episodes. Podeswa has directed six GoT episodes in the past, as well as episodes of Ray Donovan, American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, and True Detective. Having him direct the first and last episodes seems strange, since so many directorial styles will fall between. However, this may turn out to be great news.


The producers obviously want the bookend episodes to be similar, so that means there may be some ties between the two. The first episode could begin at the end, and tell the whole story getting back to it, or the finale could just contain plenty of flashbacks to the premeire.

We're all excited for Game Of Thrones to return next summer, and this list is just verification that the folks at HBO are looking to treat audiences to quite an exciting ride.