Gay Green Lantern Support Drives One Million Moms from Facebook

One Million Moms, the right-wing media activist group who last week launched a campaign against [...]

One Million Moms, the right-wing media activist group who last week launched a campaign against Marvel and DC Comics for their support of gay and lesbian characters, has removed their Facebook account following a barrage of support for DC's decision to make Green Lantern Alan Scott gay. Yesterday morning, when news hit mainstream media outlets of the change, One Million Moms posted a note on Facebook linking to an ABC News story with the caption, "WARNING: DC Comics has annoucned that the Green Lantern is gay." They were quickly inundated with over 100 comments, according to an observer at The New Civil Rights Movement, but found themselves working furiously to delete comments supportive of DC and critical of One Million Moms. That reporter took the screenshot at right, which shows far fewer comments, but most of them remain pro-DC. After struggling to keep up with removing the comments they didn't like, One Million Moms posted another comment that suggested their fans "may need a time out," and then quickly removed both that new comment and the one about Green Lantern. Nothing further was posted about Green Lantern, and the organization's page disappeared from Facebook without warning. Both comments remain on the group's Twitter page. Not long after the Facebook group stopped working, the group tweeted that they "will be offline most of next week for Vacation Bible School".Twitter comments and bloggers have had a hard time swallowing that excuse, assuming instead that they decided to abandon their Facebook page until the furor dies down over the Green Lantern issue and come back online when they can be more certain that they won't be inundated with dissenting opinions. They've encountered similar problems recently, including when they attacked JC Penney's choice to use Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, drawing the ire of the comedienne's talk show viewers. One Million Moms is an arm of the American Family Association, a nonprofit, Christian lobbying organization that focuses most of its efforts on organizing boycotts and letter-writing campaigns against the media. The AFA has been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, notably for "propagation of known falsehoods" and "demonizing propaganda" about homosexuality.