Gears of War 4 Cast And More Revealed

(Photo: Game Informer)

We now have more details on Microsoft and The Coalition's upcoming Gears of War 4 through Game Informer's cover feature announcement.

(Photo: Game Informer)

As for what we know, here is the first full shot of the new main cast. It includes JD Fenix (middle), Kait Diaz (right), and Delmont "Del" Walker (left). JD Fenix should ring a bell, as the son of the indomitable Marcus Fenix. Kait Diaz was raised outside of the walls that keep most of humanity safe and was part of the group that helped JD and Del go AWOL from the COG. Speaking of Del, he is JD's long time friend, who was involved in an incident with JD during their time with the COG that forced them to go AWOL in the first place. Those events will supposedly be revealed during the game.

We also know that Gears of War 4 takes place 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3, and the game is trying to go towards a feel closer to the original game than Gears 3, while keeping the gameplay enhancements that were made along the way. You can see some behind the scenes shots in the cover reveal video below, and the digital issue of Game Informers is available now.


via Game Informer