Happy Birthday! Sam J. Jones Turns 62 Years Old Today

Today is Sam J. Jones’s birthday!In 1979, Jones made his big screen debut in 10, the classic [...]


Today is Sam J. Jones's birthday!

In 1979, Jones made his big screen debut in 10, the classic comedy starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek. He played David, the husband of Jenny Hanley (Derek) who fell asleep on a surfboard, drifted dangerously far from land, and was rescued by George Webber (Moore).

The small but memorable role helped Jones land the title role in 1980's Flash Gordon, beating out Kurt Russell and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It would become the role Jones is most famous for. The film itself was a modest success at the box office, earning $27.1M in North America and $22M in the UK, and over the decades, it has become a cult classic.

Jones spent the rest of the '80s starring in short-lived television series -- including Code Red, The Spirit, The Highwayman, and 1st & Ten -- and making guest appearances in TV shows like The A-Team, Hunter, and Riptide. Aside from the 1986 movie My Chauffeur, most of Jones's films during that time period went straight-to-video.

The '90s weren't all that kind to Jones either. He appeared in a handful of forgettable films and had guest spots in Baywatch, Diagnosis Murder and Walker: Texas Ranger.

Years later, when the acting roles dried up -- and after going through extensive training -- Jones became a real-life bodyguard, guarding high-level executives and other VIPs as they traveled in high-risk areas, like Mexico.

In 2012, Jones acting career experienced a resurgence after he made a hilarious cameo in the 2012 comedy film Ted. It went so well that he reappeared in its 2015 sequel, Ted 2.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jones turns 62 Today. Happy Birthday, Sam J. Jones.