Hasbro Announces New Star Wars Black Series Figures: Revan, Sabine, More

At the Hasbro Star Wars panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015 on Friday, the company showed off several of its new figures from the fan-favorite Black series, including a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens figure and vehicle, and the official site shared pictures of some of the new toys..

The StarWars.com poll to choose a fan-voted Black Series figure started off as a fairly runaway vote for Darth Revan, the lead from the Knights of the Old Republic series of video games, but Sabine Wren of Star Wars Rebels made a significant comeback. Coupled with the high level of attention that toy companies have received in regards to female characters lately, Hasbro decided to take both first and second place from the poll into the high-end figure series, and both characters will get made. Sabine will have both a helmeted and bare head mold made, as well.

Also joining the Black series are a new Luke Skywalker, as depicted in Star Wars: A New Hope, and both Kanan and Ahsoka from Rebels, who were previously teased but revealed in color at the panel. Jango Fett also comes to the Black series this year.

New Force FX lightsabers with fancy clear stands are coming out later this year as well. There's new technology inside them, to make them more realistic than ever. A season 2 Inquisitor figure is also joining the Rebels lineup.

Finally, a TIE pilot and fighter from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming to the Black series, one of only two TFA toys so far revealed (the other was a convention-exclusive First Order stormtrooper). The pilot is removable and fits inside the TIE Fighter, which has a unique Black and Red paintjob. The new Black series figures will all bear hand-drawn art on the box, to make the whole experience more collectible.

Stay tuned for much more Star Wars news later today, and for more Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy news on "Force Friday," September 4, 2015.


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