Image Comics Exclusive Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo Second Printing Cover Revealed

With a sell-out announced yesterday and a second printing on the way, Image Comics's Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo is a finger-licking hit.

Image Comics are allowing to debut the cover to the second printing, exclusively seen below.

A one-issue spinoff from John Layman and Rob Guillory's Image Comics bestseller ChewWarrior Chicken Poyo boasted a foil exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con last week and its ending shocked long-time Chew fans and pulled in new readers with fun pop culture references (including a cameo appearance by The Walking Dead's Michonne, Rick and Carl).

In this issue, the heroic, world-saving warrior chicken Poyo is plucked from the world of Chew and dropped into the magical kingdom of Yoek, a land that is home to characters that are strikingly similar to classic fantasy literature. Unfortunately, Yoek is also newly plagued with an evil Groceryomancer bent on destroying the kingdom with, well, angry sword-wielding, asparagus-spear-throwing vegetables, fruits, tubers, and legumes. The fate of the kingdom rests on the brave and noble warrior chicken Poyo's shoulders.

"Poyo is the ultimate bad-ass, and so is everybody who picked up the first printing of Warrior Chicken Poyo," said Layman. "But, in an effort to make the world less pathetic and lame, we're giving even more people a chance to prove their supreme awesomeness with an opportunity to pick up what's probably the best comic book in the entire history of mankind, if not the universe!"


The second printing (Diamond Code JUN148317) lands in stores on 8/27.