Image Comics Teases Helot

Image Comics continues to tease…something. Today, the publisher released another teaser, this one for a character named Helot.

The teaser describes Helot as "a cybernetic fugitive on the run from a shadowy cult…" The cybernetic part is clear from the art, and I supposed the "shadowy cult" part might explain why he's dressed like a soldier from antiquity and named after one of the lowest classes of Spartan society.

Helot's is the latest in a series of teasers from Image Comics, following LuiminaryThe RecluseVesuviusRundown, Gaijin, and Punchline.

There's still no official word on what the images are teasing, but the shared style of the teasers suggests that they are either a team, or at least exist in the same universe.


No creators have been connected to the teaser images as of yet.