Image United Prelude Offers Sneak Peek At Image Founder Crossover Event


Image Comics has announced that they will be giving fans a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Image founder crossover event. In October, several Image Comics will include a four part Image United prelude backup feature. The four part prelude will appear in Savage Dragon #153, Witchblade #131, Invincible #67, and Spawn #195. "These backups are not a preview, this is completely original material not collected in the upcoming mini-series," writer Robert Kirkman said. "The Image United Prelude will debut Whilce Portacio's new character, Fortress, and set up his role front and center in the overall Image universe. Plus, there's a surprise that's going to shock an awful lot of fans. It'll be your first hint the crossover isn't limited to the seven characters we've seen." The Image United four-part prelude will feature participants of Image United, who will be illustrating in jam comics style. All four chapters are in addition to the full-length feature stories in each issue. The story kicks off with Savage Dragon #153's set up for the upcoming 'Dragon War', Witchblade #131's all-new status quo, Invicible #67's conclusion to the Cory Walker illustrated two-parter and finally Spawn #195's series farewell to artist Whilce Portacio. Savage Dragon #153 and Witchblade #131 are scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on October 7th, 2009. Invincible #67 and Spawn #195 are scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on October 21st, 2009.