Japan Opens Dragon Ball Cafes To Celebrate Anime's 30th Anniversary

Imagine a world where you can eat the delicacies of the Dragon Ball universe. You might not think it, but Son Goku and his gang of Z Fighters eat pretty well. Not only is the Saiyan a master turnip farmer, but his family has to eat plenty to keep up their world-saving antics. While fans can't jump into the Dragon Ball franchise to try the hero's daily grub, they can now do the next best thing. If you live in Japan, then you can hop on over to one of three recently opened Dragon Ball cafes to ease your hunger.

For a limited time, fans will be able to eat and shop at three Dragon Ball cafes. The locations all serve various franchise-themed dishes and pastries plus exclusive merchandise. Of course, the establishments were created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball since the original anime debuted back in February 1986.

The cafes are housed in three different cities: Omotesando, Shibuya, and Osaka. If you visit one of the locations, you can get kanji-imprinted lattes or strawberry shortcakes with Goku riding atop the sponge cake. You can also pony up for special Dragon Ball dishes and coasters that could also double as weapons to use against Majin Buu.

However, there's not much time left for fans to visit these special cafes. The pop-up diners will only be open until November 30th, so you better head over soon if you're planning to go.

If you're not familiar with Dragon Ball, then now is a great time to get invested. The iconic series began in 1984 when Akira Toriyama created the manga after being inspired by a classic Chinese tale, Journey to the West. The popular shonen was then adapted into an anime in 1986 and ran until 1996. A sequel called Dragon Ball Z then took its place, marking the first of several series spin-off. The franchise follows a character named Son Goku as he grows up and defends the Earth against impossibly powerful enemies. Goku, who is one of the last Saiyans left in the universe, travels with his comrades in search of seven mystical items known as Dragon Balls. Once the orbs have been found, the collector it is said that a wish of theirs will be granted by a magical creature known as Shenron.


Most recently, the series was revived when Dragon Ball Super debuted in July 2015. The series was the first to air in nearly 20 years and is set after the defeat of a villain named Majin Boo. After more than a year, the show is finally making its U.S. debut to the delight of fans. Funimation announced today that they were working on an English dub of the series and in works to release weekly subtitles for backlogged episodes.

So, what do you guys think? Would any of you be up for trying out these cafes?


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