Marvel Comics Reaches 2 Million Facebook Fans

Marvel Facebook Fan Page

Marvel Comics has reached a milestone on Facebook that is usually only reserved for celebrities and popular television shows. Move over Lady Gaga and South Park, Marvel Comics has passed 2 million fans and could be knocking at your door soon.

At 2 million fans, Marvel Comics is the top comic book publisher on Facebook, as far as we’ve been able to locate. To celebrate reaching over 2 millions Facebook fans, Marvel Comics is posting exclusive art from upcoming comics, news, and movie and video game previews. Right now the focus is on Captain America with previews of the Captain America: Super Soldier video game and the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie. Congrats to Marvel Comics on their huge Facebook following.

To join the two million strong Marvel fans check them out at Also, please follow at to keep up with the latest comic book news.