New Harry Potter Sketches By JK Rowling Released On Pottermore

harry potter sketches

These days, Harry Potter is more alive than ever. The best-selling franchise continues to support a thriving fandom years after its book series ended, and those fans only grew in number when JK Rowling released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this summer. Between the book’s release and an upcoming film spin-off, Harry Potter has resurged as a wizard to be reckoned with. And, now, Pottermore is yet again whetting reader’s appetite as they’ve released new Harry Potter sketches doodled by JK Rowling herself.

Pushed to Pottermore, several new sketches made their way to fans today after being hidden away for some time. Each of the pieces feature familiar characters from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as they date back to when Rowling was writing the novel.

In one picture, fans can see Severus Snape pacing the halls of his Potion’s Lab. The cranky professor is donning a traditional black robe, and his face features a protruding nose and greasy hair. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley can be seen looking at their teacher from their cauldron stations, surely seconds away from having Snape swipe points from Gryffindor over their blatant stares.

Another image shows what would be a friendly Quidditch game gone terribly wrong. While two players are busy score points with a Quaffle, another player is seen bashing a Bludger towards an assuming Seeker reaching for a Golden Snitch. One of Rowling’s other doodles features Peeves, a ghost which books fans know very well. While Peeves was never officially introduced to moviegoers, the poltergeist is a well-known trickster in the Harry Potter universe.

Rowling also let a secret slip about one of Harry Potter’s characters through her doodles. In one drawing, fans can see a lineup of Harry’s friends as they walk by candlelight someplace. The friends all have their names listed underneath them, and fans quickly noticed that Dean Thomas had the name ‘Gary’ by his picture. When asked about the switch, Rowling took to Twitter and revealed that Dean was originally meant to be Gary. However, she decided to rename him later on after a boy she once knew.


For Pottermore, this is just one of many exciting updates coming to the site. Next month, the magical haven is set to launch its Pottermore Presents series which will contain short stories about the Wizarding World. Each of the first three titles will comprise previously written material pushed to Pottermore alongside new content from Rowling. The first publications will focus on Professor Horace Slughorn, Dolores Umbridge, and Quririnus Quirrell. Given these characters’ reputations, the books will clearly be exploring the more sinister side of magic and wizard politics.

After those books have rolled out, two more are set to follow with Short Stories from Hogwarts: Heroism, Hardship, and Dangerous Hobbies profiling Remus Lupin and Professor Minerva McGonagall. And, finally, Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide will explore the school’s enchanting location and suss out its deepest secrets.