New Pokemon Revealed in Japanese Pokemon Sun/Moon Trailer

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro released a new gameplay video for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon earlier today. While the video largely showed the same clips as the US video that introduced the Sun/Moon starter Pokemon, it did surprisingly reveal a new Pokemon, albeit for only a moment.


As seen on the far left hand side of the screencap above, a small Pokemon is shown interacting with a young boy. While we only get a glimpse of the rear of the Pokemon, it appears to be a small dog similar to Lillipup. The Pokemon has a short, fluffy tail, raised ears and what appears to be a frilled collar. While it's hard to tell what type the Pokemon is, the coloring indicates that it could be a Normal type Pokemon. Several commentators have noted that the Pokemon shares a similar body type with the Shina Inu dog breed, popularized by the online "Doge" meme.

This new Pokemon is the seventh confirmed new Pokemon for Sun/Moon. In addition to Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, the three starter Pokemon, the Pokemon Company has also shown two unnamed Legendaries (the mascots for Sun/Moon) and Magearna, a mythical Pokemon introduced earlier this year. During the announcement for Pokemon Sun/Moon, Nintendo also showed a glimpse of modeling for a new bird Pokemon which has yet to appear in any official artwork or video.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon comes out November 18th for the US, Japan and most of the world and November 23rd in Europe.