New Walking Dead Season Four TV Spot Focuses on Zombie Danger

The Walking Dead Season 4 Walker

It's difficult even to call this a TV spot; it's more like a bumper that you might see between shows.

At ten seconds long and with two of those reserved for the AMC logo, this brief promo spot for the upcoming fourth season of AMC's The Walking Dead focuses on conveying the intensity of the upcoming season's threat from walkers.

"It’s a world in which the walkers predominate more than ever and they’re pressing in upon them," series executive producer Gale Anne Hurd told at San Diego Comic Con International last month. "They’re not just out, one walker in a field somewhere; they’re omnipresent and they’re pretty ravenous and boy, does Greg Nicotero have some new tricks up his sleeve."

Nicotero himself added in another conversation, "Our group has been on the road for a long time and they’ve become very proficient–as our lovely lady her shows [indicating Gurira]–proficient at killing walkers. So we wanted to make sure that the threat was still there; that it wasn’t, 'Oh, well they can just kill sixty walkers. They can go into the prison yard and kill them and then everything is fine.' So the writers have done a really unique job of crafting these moments where our group can potentially find themselves in the middle of a little nest of walkers without being prepared. It doesn’t matter how great and how efficient they are as killers; if they’re caught off-guard, they’re caught off-guard. And if they’re caught off-guard with more walkers…"

The Walking Dead Season Four begins on October 13.