Pokemon Go Players Are Requesting Refunds After New Update

(Photo: Nintendo)

Yesterday evening, Pokemon Go released a new update which removed the game's broken tracking system all together. Niantic Labs, Pokemon Go's developer, also began shutting down several third party websites that allowed players to continue tracking Pokemon using the game's API data, presumably because the sites violated Pokemon Go's term of service.

Now, Pokemon Go players are fighting back by requesting refunds for recent in-game purchases. A thread on Reddit detailing how to request refunds on both the Apple App and Google Play stores picked up steam several hours and now has over 1,500 comments. Most players using Apple devices reported immediate success getting a refund, while most Google Play users have had to ask Google Support to call them to get a refund for any purchase made over 48 hours ago.

Players have also flooded both online app stores with one star reviews to voice their displeasure. At the time of this article, Pokemon Go's rating was only at 2.5 stars on the Apple App store.


ComicBook.com has reached out to Niantic for comment about the recent changes but has not received a reply.