Pokemon Go Pokes Fun At Self in New Update


Last week, ComicBook.com reported on furious fans brigading Pokemon Go with negative reviews in response to what they perceived as Niantic's poor communication about changes to the popular gaming app. Fans were particularly upset by several small updates that contained only "minor text fixes" instead of more substantial changes to the game's broken tracking system or other bugs that have popped up since the game first came out last month. "Minor text fixes" became a meme among the online Pokemon Go community, a mantra of sorts of Niantic's lack of communication and inability to address problems with the game.

Those complaints were partially sated when Niantic upped their communication and released a new update earlier this week, reassuring fans that they were working on the problem. The game developer also got in on the joke with the release of a minor update yesterday evening. The update contained only minor stability improvements, but also included in the update notes was the disclaimer that this version of Pokemon Go contained "no text fixes".

It was a pretty subtle joke, but one that wasn't lost on the Pokemon Go fanbase. The Pokemon Go subreddit quickly pointed out the joke and applauded Niantic for a quality "shitpost" (an Internet term for a low effort post that often uses recycled memes and contains little information).


It's nice to see Niantic continuing to engage with their online fanbase as they work towards a worldwide release. Coincidentally, the new update has been warmly received by users, as Pokemon Go's aggregate ranking has jumped back up to "4 stars".