Powers TV Series Not Returning For A Third Season


The PlayStation Network's Powers series, adapting the comicbook of the same name from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, has been canceled after two season. Bendis, who writes the comic and served as an executive producer on the TV show, made the announcement Wednesday on twitter.

"This is hard to tweet, but word is that Powers is sadly, no more. Season 2 was the last, at least for now," he wrote. "I'll type more about it later, but thank you ALL for your support. Such a fantastic personal experience that you gifted all of us. Fans of Powers, the comic book will continue at Marvel. The next storyline is called 'Diamond Days.' Two issues already in the can."

The writer did say there's some hope for a continuation of the story on screen in some way, as well, as "people behind-the-scenes believe in us," but didn't have any specifics.

Powers was an experiment of sorts for the PlayStation Network, to see if Sony could produce and distribute a show using their online service, which provides games, music, movies, and TV in downloadable form to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Sony TV and audio users already, as a similar service to the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, all of whom also now produce their own content. Their first live-action series, Powers gained a second season despite mixed reviews for the first.

The show was originally in-development for FX in 2011, with a full pilot shot. The series was then completely recast and redeveloped for the PlayStation Network in 2014, debuting March 2015. The second season debuted at the end of May, 2016. All 20 episodes are now available on the PlayStation Network.


The Powers comic started at Image Comics, and moved to Marvel's creator-owned imprint Icon after Bendis had established a long and fruitful exclusive writing relationship with the publisher.