President Barack Obama Announces Youngblood Superhero Team


Tonight, the real-life President Barack Obama will give his first State of the Union address. Tomorrow, the comic book version of President Barack Obama will reveal the new lineup for the Youngblood superhero team in Youngblood #8. In addition to the big reveal of the Youngblood team members by comic book President Barack Obama, Youngblood #8 also marks the return of real-life series creator Rob Liefeld. When Image Comics launched Youngblood back in early 1992, it was the first creator-owned comic book from Image Comics to sell over a million copies right out of the gate. Famed director Brett Ratner also recently announced that he had picked up the rights to produce a Youngblood movie. "Since Youngblood's very first issue back in 1992, the series has always had a real world, political connection by taking on such issues as the first Iraq war and really exploring just what it would mean to be a government sanctioned superteam," Rob Liefeld said. "Bringing Obama into the picture is a necessary extension of Youngblood's history and I couldn't imagine a better way to start my full-time return to the series." Rob Liefeld's return to Youngblood is set up in Youngblood #8 in a six-page back up story. Liefeld will take over the entire series with May's Youngblood #9. Youngblood #8 is set to arrive in comic book stores on Wednesday, February 25, 2009.