Quantum & Woody Bring Comedy To...Unity?! James Asmus Explains


With two new teasers released today and the clear appearance that Valiant's upcoming Unity storyline really will be a large-scale, widescreen crossover event story, some fans probably had the same question we did about titles like Archer & Armstrong or Quantum & Woody:

How do you do a book that's kind of personal and a little bit smaller scale and a little bit funny, and then have Unity hovering over everything?

Well, we asked Quantum & Woody James Asmus recently about just that very thing--and he laughed at us.

But that's alright, because here's how he followed it up:


"Well, I just don't worry about it. To me, the nice thing about when my focus is on character--if that's really your emphasis you can put a character in any situation and still be exploring who they are, if that was always your exploration," Asmus told ComicBook.com. "If you go in with a high concept and you're just worried about the high concept, if you move a few too many pieces it stops being that thing--but we're really telling the story of the relationship between these two guys and I can throw them in any situation and it's still the story I'm telling."

The second issue of Quantum & Woody is due in comic shops next week--and that's when you can see a full transcript of our interview with Asmus, talking about the first issue as well as the unique pressures of working on a title where half of the audience has never heard of your characters and the other half are skeptical of anyone replacing the previous writer.