REVIEW: Sideshow Collectibles/Hot Toys: Chitauri Footsoldier

If your figure collection needs to beef up its bad-guy representation, the Sideshow Collectibles/ Hot Toys Chitauri Footsoldier figure will get the job done. Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are both known for their quality products, and the Chitauri Footsoldier they sent us to take a look at does not disappoint.

Packaging: The packaging for the Chitauri Footsoldier wasn’t as elaborate as what we saw in the Sideshow Collectibles / Hot Toys Thor figure we recently reviewed, but it was beautifully designed all the same. The look was rough, battle-worn, with an image of the figure splashed across the front with the Avengers logo.

Aesthetic: For a mere footsoldier, this figure is remarkable. The attention to detail is, excuse the pun, really out of this world. The Chitauri’s skin looks thick and leathery, and his eyes hold a menacing, almost chilling stare. (A stare that seems to follow you even when you put his helmet on.) The tone of the muscles, the crooked curve of the alien hands and feet, they’re all incredibly detailed and eerily alien-looking.

The armor is something else entirely. It looks like it has heft. The paint used is rich and saturated, and it looks like it’s seen years of inter-realm battle. The small accents of turquoise pull your eye from feature to feature and really make the accents on the figure pop.

And the weapon… the weapon is the piece de resistance here. It fits into the hand socket (instead of one of the hand options) and really kills in the attention-to-detail department. The shading, the paint selection, it looks phenomenally like the weapons used in the Avengers film.

The base and its accessories (a piece of asphalt, a broken brick, a street sign and part of a broken wall) are all beautifully well-designed.

Posability: The Chitauri Footsoldier poses easily, and holds poses well. He exhibits a great standard range of motion, and balances easily on his own as well as perched on his base.


Overall Value: This figure is really gorgeously made. The details all pull together to make an exceptionally high quality. Everything about the figure is impressive, not the least of which how it would look on the shelf amongst the other figures in your collection.

To see more photos of this figure, and order it from Sideshow Collectibles, click here.