REVIEW: Sideshow Collectibles Superman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure

SuperMan Hot Toys 1

Sideshow Collectibles launched a one-sixth scale figure of Superman and the consensus around the offices is that it’s out of this world (pun intended). Thanks to our friends at Sideshow, we're giving your our thoughts on the figure!

Packaging: The unwavering high standard for details shines through in the packaging. Gorgeous art on the box and card stock insert set a strong tone and high expectation for a gorgeous figure, which Sideshow Collectibles easily satisfies with the figure.

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Aesthetic: Respect for the heritage of the Superman character is evident in the classic costume this model wears. The blue and red ensemble calls back his iconic aesthetic; from the boots to the belt, this is the Superman you’ve always loved.

Superman Hot Toys 2

Superman Hot Toys 3

The figure comes with three flawless faces: one stoic, one a bit more lighthearted, and one with heat vision.

Posability: The figure balances nicely on its own, and comes with a stand if you’re interested in a “flying” pose display. This Superman comes with an assortment of hands, gesturing differently to offer you myriad options for positioning. One hand victoriously grips the severed head of a Brainiac robot. The tight costuming does restrict the full range of joint motion a bit, but you’ll still be able to achieve any of the iconic Superman poses you’d hope to display with your collection without issue. The cape also boasts posability, a feature that really makes this figure stand out.

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Overall Value: Sideshow Collectibles once again gives you more than your money’s worth with this figure. If you’re looking to add a non-movie likeness, classic Superman to your collection, this is the perfect figure for you.

To see more photos of this figure, and order it from Sideshow Collectibles, click here!