Rocky & Bullwinkle Series Announced By IDW Publishing


IDW Publishing and Dreamworks Animation announced today that they will team up to publish a new, ongoing Rocky & Bullwinkle comic book beginning in 2014.

Each issue will be a self-contained story featuring Rocky & Bullwinkle characters in an all-new story, as well as contain a supporting Dudley Do-Right tale, just like the original show.

Eisner-winner Mark Evanier of Groo the Wanderer and Garfield and Friends will write the series, while The Muppet Show artist and Popeye writer Roger Langridge provides the art, with fan-favorite Stephanie Buscema on regularly-scheduled variant covers.

“I grew up, to the extent I grew up, on these characters,” said Mark Evanier, “I watched Rocky and His Friends the first day it was on and I got a lot of my sense of humor, such as it is, from those cartoons. (I was going to say, ‘I was watching it before I was old enough to get all the jokes, but I'm still catching on to what some of them mean.’)”


"Rocky and Bullwinkle wasn't shown in New Zealand when I was growing up, but I was familiar with the comics,” said Roger Langridge, “I particularly love the newspaper strip work of Al Kilgore—his design sense and crisp line are just breathtaking to look at. I'm having to work hard to make sure my art doesn't suffer too much by comparison. It's been a real education to go back to the source and find out where those connections lie."

“My dad, Jay Ward, would be delighted as he was always a huge comic book fan,” said Tiffany Ward, President of Ward Productions Inc. “It is so exciting to work with IDW Publishing on these new and wonderful releases that will carry on the comic legacy of his characters! It is certainly a special treat for myself and the fans.”