Robot Chicken's Seth Green to Guest Star on Dan Vs. [UPDATED]

UPDATE: This story has been altered to reflect that it's Seth Green, star of Family Guy, not Seth MacFarlane, its creator, who will appear on the series. Our apologies for any inconvenience; when the Q&A goes live tomorrow, the source of the misunderstanding will make more sense.

During an interview earlier this afternoon with, Dan Vs. lead actress Paget Brewster revealed that Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green will appear on the second episode of the series' upcoming third season, which begins this weekend.

"Seth is a guest star in the second episode that's going to air in season three--in '[Dan Vs.] The Mummy'," Brewster said. "I didn't get to work with him, though."

Of course, Brewster (who plays Elise on Dan Vs.)  is no stranger to Green's work, having worked with his regular collaborator Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and American Dad! Series star Curtis Armstrong, who plays the titular Dan, appear has appeared on Robot Chicken, and has a recurring role as "Snot" (a send-up of Booger, his character in the Revenge of the Nerds franchise) on MacFarlane's American Dad!.

Dan Vs. is sometimes compared to Green's work, in part due to its bizarre and unpredictable plots and unstable, sometimes dangerous lead characters who somehow manage to be likable. As part of The Hub's fairly all-ages lineup, though, there's far less sexual or scatalogical humor in Dan Vs., which derives most of its laughs from Armstrong's inappropriately over-the-top rage at everyday inconveniences.


Dan Vs. also stars Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) and will be back on the air this Saturday, November 17, at 4 p.m. on The Hub. Other guest stars slated for the new season include Kurtwood Smith, Felicia Day, Clancy Brown, Ernie Hudson and (reprising their roles as Elise's parents) Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter.

Look for a complete rundown of our Q&A with Brewster tomorrow.