Teen Titans Go! Goes Digital First With New Comic in December


Merrill Hagan and Scholly Fisch will trade off arcs writing Teen Titans Go!, a new, digital-first series from DC set in the world of the Cartoon Network series by the same name, reports The Hollywood Reporter. "The characters have been so amped up and their personalities are a little bit more extreme than before," Hagan said, explaining that the series is more about character interaction than ever before. "Robin has always been a perfectionist, but in Teen Titans Go!, you can see the psychological cracks in that make up and that he's kind of overly perfectionist." "You need to write it at a couple different levels simultaneously, so there's something to appeal to the adults who're watching, but something that'll appeal to the kids who are watching too," Fisch explained. "They both end up laughing but not necessarily laughing at the same joke." Illustrated by Ben Bates and Jorge Corona, Teen Titans Go! will launch this December.