The Big Bang Theory Gets Its Own Street in California

(Photo: CBS)

The 200 episode celebration of The Big Bang Theory continues to build. After today, February 25 was declared "The Big Bang Theory Day" in Pasadena, California, now they've been given their own honorary street name.

The "Big Bang Theory Alley" sign was given to the cast on Conan Wednesday night on TBS, and will be hung near the Pasadena City Hall for the weeks surrounding the official day, which is also when the 200th episode airs.

The episode, airing at 8pm on Thursday, February 25, is called "The Celebration Experimentation," and features the gang celebration Sheldon's birthday. And, naturally, Wil Wheaton, Adam West, and others come along for the ride.


"The City of Pasadena is proud of its comedic and scientific association with The Big Bang Theory," Pasadena Councilmember Andy Wilson said in a press release. "Pasadena was already known throughout the world for having the foremost astronomers, chemists and scientific thinkers who do very serious work here, but thanks to The Big Bang Theory, being smart in Pasadena is now fun too."