The Big Bang Theory Recap: The Romance Resonance

The Big Bang Theory The Romance Resonance

“The Romance Resonance” episode of The Big Bang Theory begins with the whole group gathered around a table. Sheldon is busy working on a formula, and he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Howard tells the group that he wrote Bernadette a song for the anniversary of their first date, and he wants them all to help play it for her.

As Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny head back to their apartments, Leonard is complaining that Penny has never done anything romantic for him. Sheldon finally finishes his formula, and Leonard realizes that Sheldon has just figured out a method for synthesizing a new stable superheavy element.

The next day Sheldon brags to the others about his discovery at lunch. Sheldon says  a Chinese research team ran a test on his work and the results were promising. Sheldon says he will remain humble, right before he grabs a cookie away from Leonard because he discovered an element.

Raj visits Penny’s apartment to give advice on being romantic with Leonard, but all Raj’s ideas come from movies. Raj finally tells Penny that if she wants to be romantic that it needs to come from her heart.

Sheldon has Amy documenting the process by which he made his discovery. While looking in a Handbook of Chemistry and Physics that he used, Sheldon realizes he made a blunder in using square meters instead of square centimeters. When Amy points out that the Chinese team found the element anyway, Sheldon says they shouldn’t have because his numbers were wrong. While Amy tries to reassure him, Sheldon feels like he’s a fraud.

At lunch, Howard goes over the musical parts that he wants Raj and Leonard to play for his song for Bernadette. When Sheldon walks in, the whole cafeteria starts applauding him. Sheldon tells the group to stop applauding him that his breakthrough was just a boneheaded mistake.

While waiting to play the song for Bernadette, Sheldon is upset that the National Science Foundation wants to give him a big grant. Howard comes in and tells the group that there was an accident at the lab and Bernadette has been quarantined. However, Howard brings the group to the lab, and they play the song to Bernadette (who is behind a glass window). After the song, Bernadette says it’s amazing and she’s shaking. Sheldon says that means she’s sick, and he runs out.


At a romantic dinner at her apartment, Penny gives Leonard a first edition to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. When Leonard has a look on his face, Penny asks him what’s wrong, and he reminds her that he already bought that book when he was at the used bookstore with her. Penny feels bad that she didn’t remember, and she starts pulling out all the stuff she has saved from their relationship to show how much more thoughtful Leonard is. When Leonard sees all the stuff that Penny has saved, he is moved that she kept all that stuff from him.

While sitting on the couch with Amy, Sheldon is lamenting over how he read the table wrong. Sheldon says he blames Amy, because she distracted him. Sheldon says that all he can think about is how much he wants to kiss her on the mouth. Of course, the whole scene is revealed to be something that is just going on in Amy’s imagination while she’s eating lunch with Sheldon.