The Walking Dead: Proof That [Spoiler] Is Still Alive?

tyreeseWarning: Spoilers ahead for last night's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, which aired last night.

As soon as The Walking Dead wrapped up the first half of its fourth season last night, fans began to dissect the episode, wondering how the numerous dangling plot threads would come together.

There are at least four distinct groups--Rick and Carl, Beth and Daryl, Sasha, Bob and Maggie, and the rest of the group--with Michonne and Tyreese wild cards who could be with any of them, or on their own. Whether the community will reunite--and how long it will take if they do--is anybody's guess, but there were more pressing matters to attend to last night.

For instance: What happened to Judith Grimes, Rick's infant daughter, whose guardians during the evacuation of the prison put her down to go shoot at people.

Last night, ran a story asking just that question, and we got a surprisingly complete response.

tyreese-closerErne, a commenter on the article in question, gave us this piece of information:

Its actually pretty obvious if you re-watch the episode in detail. Tyreese has the baby.

At first you see the young girls holding the baby right around the same place the bloody car seat was found, then later you see the young girls save tyreese and start running the opposite direction (even Tyreese yells this out).

Then right before Daryl blows up the tank you can see the tank fire a shot at the same exact spot where the bloody carriage was at. And the Big give away is that you can see for a second that Tyreese was holding a gun and something else while trying running away from the explosion.

Another user going by the name of Tea added, "You can even see baby's head if you pause at the right moment!"


While we can't confirm that last bit--this writer cheaped out and bought the standard definition copies on Google Play--we can certainly confirm that Tyreese is making his way around the prison, a football. The gun, from what we can tell, is strapped around his back, resting at waist level with the butt near his...well, butt. Anybody who has a higher-quality screen grab of this, or thinks they can spot Judith's head in the shot, feel free to post it in the comments or send it along to us.

What do you think? Does this scene, coupled with the lack of a mention of Judith during last night's Talking Dead death montage prove, in your mind, that Judith is still alive, or was there just too much blood in that car seat for you told out hope?