The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Live Bait

The Walking Dead Live Bait The Governor

The “Live Bait” episode of The Walking Dead kicks off right at the point in The Walking Dead Season 3 finale where The Governor had just mass murdered his own people. The Governor speeds away in his truck with his two henchmen, Martinez and Shumpert.

It’s later that night, and The Governor is sitting in front of a campfire with three tents behind him. A walker comes rambling up and falls into the fire. The walker crawls through the fire and is heading toward The Governor, who just sits and stares. Right before the walker reaches The Governor, Martinez emerges from one of the tents and shoots the walker in the head.

It’s now the next morning, and The Governor is emerging from a yellow tent.  As the camera pans out, it reveals only one tent instead of three. Martinez and Shumpert have apparently packed up and left. The Governor drives away in a truck, which he winds up crashing through the gates at Woodbury. Everyone remaining in Woodbury has left, and the town is overrun with walkers. The Governor burns down the town.

A shaggy bearded Governor is walking along the roadway. In a voiceover, The Governor is talking to someone, telling them that he’s been on the road for a couple months now. A female voice asks The Governor where he was before the road, and The Governor says he was in a town.  When the voice asks The Governor if the monsters were in the town, The Governor says, “No, it was safe, full of good people.” When the voice asks The Governor what happened, The Governor says the man in charge just lost it and that he barely got out alive.

The Governor is wandering through another abandoned town. He goes inside a building, where he encounters two women and child. One of the women pulls a gun on him, and The Governor throws his own guns on the ground to signal that he’s not a threat.

The Governor is sitting and talking to the two women, and there is also an older man in the background with the child. The two women are sisters. The older named Lily and the younger named Tara. The old man is the women’s father, and the child is Lily’s daughter Megan.

Lily and Tara reveal that they’ve been holed up in there waiting for the National Guard. Lily asks The Governor if he plans on staying in the building twice, but The Governor does not reply. Tara yells at The Governor to answer, and The Governor says, “Just for the night.”

Tara tells The Governor that she’s Atlanta city police and that she has enough artillery to kill him every day for the next ten years. She warns him that she will put him in down if he messes with her or her family. The Governor indicates that he understands. When Tara asks The Governor if he has a name, he says, “Brian Heriot.”

The Governor is eating a can of beans when he hears a knock at the door. Lily asks The Governor if he is hungry, and he shows her some beans he found and is eating. The woman gives him some more food. The Governor thanks her, but he dumps the food out the window after she is gone.

Megan is silently playing backgammon with the old man, but some of the pieces are missing, so they are having to use pieces of paper as markers. Lily and Tara are washing plates and talking about how Megan didn’t eat again. They hear a sound from The Governor’s room. Tara opens the door to The Governor’s room , and The Governor is sitting by the door in front of an empty plate. Tara tells him that this isn’t the Holiday Inn and points the gun at him, but Lily calls her off.The Walking Dead Live Bait Martinez

The Governor comes out of the room and sits down in front of the powerless TV set with the older man, who asks The Governor for a cigarette. Lily reminds her dad about his oxygen tank and says that she doesn’t want him to blow the place up by smoking a cigarette. Lily and Tara sit on either side of The Governor. The sisters tell The Governor that their dad use to drive a food truck, which has been their food supply.

Their dad says he needs a break, indicating he’s ready to go to bed. Lily and Tara go to help their dad up, and they ask The Governor for help. The Governor initially ignores them, but then he lifts up their dad and carries him back to his bed. The old man asks The Governor if he has kids, but he says no. The old man points out the sound of walkers upstairs, and he indicates that he had a buddy who lived upstairs who has a real nice backgammon set. The old man asks The Governor to go get the backgammon set because The Governor knows how to deal with walker, and he thinks the backgammon might help make his Megan talk again.

The Governor is upstairs retrieving the backgammon set. He also comes across some bullets.  The Governor hears a sound coming from the bathroom. He sees an empty wheelchair, and he pulls open a shower to reveal a walker that can’t walk stuck in the bathtub. The Governor stabs the walker in the head. The Governor also finds a pistol in the walker’s hand, which he takes with him.

The Governor returns to the family and gives the old man the backgammon set. After being thanked by Lily, The Governor goes into his room alone and pulls out an old photo of his family from his backpack. The Governor folds the picture to hide himself and looks at his wife and daughter.

The Governor is sleeping on the couch, when Lily enters the room. She looks down at the photo of The Governor’s wife and daughter, and The Governor wakes up and hastily grabs the photo. Lily gives The Governor a couple things for the road. She also offers him his gun back, but The Governor tells her to keep it. When Lily insists that it’s The Governor’s gun, he shows her that he has another one.

When Lily says that they should have frisked him, The Governor tells her that he found it upstairs. The Governor tells Lily that you have to shoot the walkers in the brain to kill them. Lily tells The Governor that their dad has stage four lung cancer and is nearing the end. Lily asks The Governor if she can get another oxygen tank from an old folks’ home that is a couple blocks away.

The Governor enters the old folks’ home, which is dark and filled with bedridden and wheelc hair-bound walkers. The Governor finds a cart filled with oxygen tanks, which he starts to push away. The Governor runs into a group of walkers, who start to overwhelm him. The Governor grabs two of the oxygen tanks and runs away.

The Governor returns the two oxygen tanks to Lily and tells her that they are both full. Lily sees The Governor is hurt, and she insists on bandaging him up. Lily tells the Governor that Megan thought that he was her dad when they first saw him. Megan’s dad went out for powerball tickets and never came back.

Megan comes in the room, and Lily asks her to watch The Governor while she goes to get something. Megan asks The Governor what happened to his eye if he was just born that way or something happened to him. The Governor said something happened to him. The Governor said he would tell her what happened to his eye but she had to keep it secret. The Governor says that he’s a pirate. When Megan says no way, The Governor says what really happened was that he was trying to protect someone and got hurt.

A now-shaven and cleaned Governor is playing chess with Megan. Lily and Tara are in the other room tending to their father. Megan draws an eye piece on the King chess piece to make it look like The Governor. Lily comes out of the room to let them know that the old man is dead. As Tara and Lily mourn their father’s passing, he starts to come back as a walker, and he reaches for Tara. The Governor grabs the oxygen tank and starts to bash the old man’s brains in. Megan is terrified by seeing The Governor killing her walker grandfather.

The Governor is digging a grave, when Lily comes out to help. Lily and The Governor put her dad’s body in the grave. When they go back inside, Megan runs and hides from The Governor. Tara tells The Governor that she knows what happens after people die and thanks The Governor for saving her.

The Governor looks over at Lily consoling Megan, who is now scared of him. The Governor goes back to his room, where he burns the photo of himself and his family, before tossing it out the window. The Governor has packed up. He knocks on Lily’s door and tells her goodbye. Lily tells her that they want to come with him. The Governor says no, but Lily insists that they need him to keep them safe.

The Governor is driving a truck with Lily and Megan in the back. Tara is in the passenger’s seat. Tara tells The Governor that she’s not really a cop that she was just in the academy. When Tara asks if The Governor thinks they will make it, he reassures her that they will.

The Governor, Lily, Tara, and Megan have stopped in a field beside a pond. Megan is still afraid to get near The Governor. Lily is sleeping next to The Governor, when she turns and looks at him. Lily and The Governor start making out.

The truck breaks down so the group is now hiking along the road. Tara is talking about a girl named Sam who she thought was the love of her life, but Sam broke down and told Tara that she had a boyfriend and wasn’t really into chicks. Tara trips and hurts her leg. The Governor hears a sound, and they round a corner to see a horde of walkers. Megan stops in her tracks and doesn’t move. The Governor encourages Megan to come on, and she finally runs into The Governor’s arms.


The Governor carries Megan away, while Lily helps Tara limp along. The Governor and Megan are ahead of Lily and Tara, when they fall into a trench filled with walkers. The Governor brutally kills the walkers in the trench with his bare hands. The Governor tells Megan that he’s never going to let anything happen to her, and Megan tells him to promise.

Suddenly, there’s a man at the top of the trench with a gun. It’s Martinez. Martinez sees The Governor with Megan. He lowers the gun and says “Holy s**t.”