This Megazord VS Voltron Fight Is Incredible

Anyone who's watched a Power Rangers Megazord fight knows how familiar it looks to a Voltron battle, and it isn't exactly subtle. In the latest Minute Match-Up from Ismahawk and Round Table Studios, the Power Rangers and Voltron finally face off in a battle to settle who's best.

The episode includes a who's who of fan-favorites, including Austin Creed (Xavier Woods), Greg Miller, Mari Takahashi, and Anthony Carboni, and like their other productions it never forgets to have a good time with the premise. Lines like Miller's "Let's knock the copyright infringement out of these posers" or Takahashi's "don't they know we're supposed to fight a little before we do the whole robot thing." Apparently, Voltron didn't get the memo.

Side note, but someone needs to get the Blue Ranger (Tim Gettys) and Pidge (Anthony Carboni) a beer for how much garbage they have to put up with. No one who guides a Triceratops should be that disregarded.

Above all the humor, it presents a worthy slugfest between the two groups, but no spoilers on who comes out on top. All the favorite weapons and abilities make an appearance, including the Mastodon shield and Voltron's laser whip, and the close combat fighting is stellar.

You can find more of their work on their official YouTube page, and the casting list below.


The cast includes Danny Shepherd (Red Ranger), Austin Creed (Black Ranger), Mari Takahashi (Yellow Ranger), Tim Gettys (Blue Ranger), Tana Mongeau (Pink Ranger), Yoshi Sudarso (Keith), Greg Miller (Hunk), Niko Pureinger (Lance), Justine Ezarik (Princess Allura), Anthony Carboni (Pidge), Brian Altano (Bulk), Max Scoville (Skull).