Valiant Announces Massive New Investment and Development Deal With Chinese Film Company DMG

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Valiant Entertainment, publisher of some of fans' and critics' favorite superhero comics on the market, has secured an undisclosed nine-figure investment from Chinese entertainment company DMG, the co-producers and co-financiers of Iron Man 3, The New York Times announced tonight.

The investment will, in large part, fund film co-financing to be used toward the production of Valiant theatrical films and television programs, which one assumes includes the currently-in-development Shadowman, Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong.

Comic superheroes are profitable and highly sought intellectual properties for film franchises, said Dan Mintz, the chief executive officer of DMG, "so taking a stake in the last independent massive comic universe is a strategic investment for DMG that will produce movies and TV that are both appealing and relevant to a global audience."

That wording -- that DMG is interested in the "massive comic universe" -- is likely significant to what it is they think they have. That would appear, at least on its face, to suggest that there is hope the Valiant film and TV projects will take place in a cohesive universe.

DMG's involvement also greatly increases the odds of securing Chinese theatrical distribution for their upcoming film projects. 


Bloodshot is in development with Sony Pictures and Neal Moritz's Original Film, producers of the Fast and the Furious and Jump Street franchises. Shadowman, with a script by J. Michael Straczynski, and Archer & Armstrong, being written by Bendavid Grabinski, are also in development. The deal likely means that DMG will co-finance all of the projects and assist with international distribution and exhibition.

DMG and Valiant will also be pursuing Chinese licensing for Valiant properties beyond film in publishing, animation and theme parks, as well as toys and apparel.