Game Of Thrones: The Laws Of Gods And Men Recap With Spoilers

Game of Thrones - The Laws of Gods and Men

The episode opens with Davos and Stannis arriving, by boat, at Braavos (Braavos was shown in the opening credits as well). Once there the two await an audience at the Iron Bank, but are left waiting as Stannis grows more and more impatient. Finally, Tycho Nestoris and two others enter and invite Stannis to sit. Tycho greets Stannis as a lord, but Davos introduces him as a king. Stannis tells them that Tommen shares no blood of House Baratheon. Stannis tells them he has more claim on their gold than any man living. Tycho takes stock of Stannis' forces and finds them wanting. He declines Stannis' request. As Stannis gets up to leave, Davos steps up to make his case further. He points out that once the elder Tywin Lannister dies there will be no one reliable left to lead House Lannister or the realm. He points out that Davos is an honorable and reliable man. Salladhor Saan is in a hot tob with some women. Davos comes and finds him telling the women a joke they've already heard. Davos tells Saaladhor that they sail and sunrise. Salladhor is resistant at first, but Davos tosses him a pouch with lots of coins in it. Yara is on her ship, reading the contents of Ramsay Bolton's letter to her men. She is preparing to lay siege while Ramsay is in bed with a woman. She strikes at night. Theon is sleeping in a kennel with the dogs. Yara goes in and the dogs start barking. She finds Theon, who is cowering in a corner of his cage. She breaks him loose. Theon believes it's a trick and tells her his name is Reek. He continues to resist her rescue and Ramsay come inside, cuts all over his body, with men. They attack the Ironborn. Theon bites Yara's hand and runs back to his cage. Yara asks Ramsay for Theon, but Ramsay sends his dogs after them. Yara leaves, saying that her brother is dead. Afterwards, Ramsay says he is going to reward Reek for his loyalty. He's going to let Reek take a bath. Reek takes off his rags, with some prodding from Ramsay, and gets in the tub. Ramsay beings bathing him. Ramsay asks Reek if he loves him, and Reek says yes. Ramsay says he needs Reek's help to take back a castle. Reek doesn't understand how he can help. Ramsay says he needs him to pretend to be Theon Greyjoy. Outside of Meereen, a shepherd is with his son and flock. His son is throwing rocks into the river. A dragon appears over them. He sets fire to the field, burning the goats and taking one in his claws. At Meereen, Daenerys is in her throne room, granting audience. The goat shepherd come to her with a sack of bones. She agrees to pay him three times the value of his goats as recompense for her dragon's deeds. Hizdahr zo Loraq comes in next. He tells her of his noble lineage and how his father restored many of Meereen's landmarks, including the pyramid where she makes her throne room. He tells her that his father was crucified by her, despite the fact that he spoke out against the crucifixion of the slaves. He asks for the right to give those crucified a proper burial. Dany tells him he can bury his father. Oberyn is attending his first meeting of the Small Council. Tywin comes in and the meeting begins. Varys has received news of Sandor Clegane's actions and Tywin sets a bounty on his head. There's also news of Daenerys taking up rule in Meereen, and that both Jorah Mormont and Barristan Selmy are advising her. Tywin says Dany must be dealt with and plans to have Varys send a message into Meereen. Varys and Oberyn stand in the throne room. Oberyn tells Varys about his travels to Essos, exploring the world. He can tell that Varys is from Lys. Varys won't tell him how he got the Westeros. He also explains that he was free from desire even before he was a eunuch. Jaime comes to Tyrion's cell to fetch him for his trial. The trial begins with Tommen recusing himself, naming Tywin to judge in his stead, along with Mace Tyrell and Oberyn Martell. Tyrion claims innocence, and they begin calling witness. Meryn Trant is called first, recounting Tyrion's past actions threatening both him and Joffrey but leaving out what it was he and Joffrey were doing to Sansa Stark at the time. Grand Maester Pycelle comes next and claims that Tyrion took the poisons from his room after Tyrion imprisoned him. He claims the king was killed by poisons and brings out the necklace that Sansa wore at the time. He claims residue from the strangler, an awful poison that was among those stolen, was found on the necklace. Cersei comes next, and recount what Tyrion said about her joy turning to ashes in her mouth. She then lies about Joffrey insisting to stay on the front lines of the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Varys is next, and he recounts more threats that Tyrion levied, one in particular after the death of Robb Stark. Tyrion asks to pose one question to Varys: if he had forgotten what he said about Tyrion saving the city. Varys says he never forgets a thing. Tywin calls a recess. Jaime challenges Tywin about the trial, saying it's clearly all orchestrated by Cersei. Jaime offers to leave the kingsguard if Tywin spares Tyrion's life. Tywin agrees, saying that when Tyrion is found guilty he will plead for mercy and be sent to become a member of the Night's Watch. As the trial readies to resume, Jaime tells Tyrion that he needs to plead for mercy so he can be sent to the Wall. Tyrion remembers what happened to Ned Stark when he did the same thing. Jaime tells Tyrion to trust him. They resume the trial by calling the next witness, Shae. She says she was Sansa's handmaiden and that she knows Tyrion is guilty, that he and Sansa planned together to kill Joffrey as revenge for what happened to Sansa's family. She goes on to confirm everything previously said by the other witnesses. When Oberyn asks how she could possible know this, she reveals that she was Tyrion's whore. She recounts that Bronn stole her from another Lannister man for Tyrion. She reveals the intimate details of their relationship. She says that killing Joffrey was a way into Sansa's bed. Tyrion finally hears enough and offers to confess, cursing the crowd as he does so. Tyrion doesn't confess to killing Joffrey, but only for the crime of being a dwarf, which he claims he has been on trial for all of his life. He says he did not kill Joffrey, but he wished that he had, and that he wish he had enough poison for everyone in the throne room. He then demands a trial by combat.