Leslie Jones Wants To Be In Deadpool Sequel

Ever since her debut episode of Saturday Night Live, Leslie Jones has become one of America's favorite funny people.

Her loud personality, sassy delivery, and infectious laugh made Leslie a recognizable face to just about everyone. Pair those skills with her impeccable style of physical comedy, and you've got a bonafide superstar.

After a long-running stint on SNL, a few commercials, and a leading role in Ghostbusters, Leslie Jones seems to be taking over.

The best news? She isn't done yet - not by a long-shot.

The actress took to Twitter on Wednesday, and began pining for a role in highly anticipated superhero sequel, Deadpool 2.

Instead of shouting out that she'd like to be in the movie, or sending out a cryptic message like most other stars, Jones went straight to the source. That's right, Leslie Jones tweeted at Ryan Reynolds, the star and prodcuer of the film, and told him she wanted a role.

She wants to be Deadpool's "smart mouth side kick" with the incredible power of "loudness". Can you even begin to imagine that?

Better yet, can you even begin to imagine how awesome that would be? Jones is a hilarious actress, and the improv skills she's picked up from SNL would be great for a film like Deadpool. So much of the banter between main characters is off-the-cuff, so an actor with that kind of experience would be helpful.

deadpool leslie jones

The dynamic between Jones and Reynolds would be one for the ages, and the jokes Wade Wilson would throw at her character would probably some of the best of the series.

It may be a tough sell for some, but Leslie Jones wants in Deadpool 2. Make it happen, Fox!


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