Martin Lawrence Says Bad Boys 3 May Start Filming In March

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Martin Lawrence talked briefly about the upcoming Bad Boys sequel.

When Kimmmel asked Lawrence what fans asked him about the most, Lawrence replied, "The most is when are we going to do another Bad Boys."

Kimmel followed up by asking exactly when he would be doing another Bad Boys.

"We're looking towards maybe March," said Lawrence. "So hopefully it may happen if we can get everybody together at the same time."

When Kimmel asked who the holdout was, Lawrence replied, "I don't think there's no holdout. It's just a matter of getting the script right and everything and just doing it at the right time."

When Kimmel asked if that was an official announcement that he may be doing another Bad Boys, Lawrence replied, "Officially. That's official."

Of course, Sony Pictures has already announced both a title and a release date for Bad Boys 3. According to Sony, Bad Boys 3 will be titled Bad Boys For Life and is set to be released on January 12, 2018.


Bad Boys 3 had been originally scheduled for June 2017, before being pushed back to January 2018. Back in August, Bad Boys 3 director Joe Carnahan confirmed that both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would be returning for the film.

Lawrence's comments seem to back up director Joe Carnahan mentioning that the release date delay was to accomodate Will Smith's hectic filming schedule after Suicide Squad.