The Incredibles 2: Five Things We Want To See


Now that director Brad Bird has cleared his schedule of Tomorrowland, he's ready to re-flex those muscles for another of our favorite Disney universes: The Incredibles. Bird only recently confirmed The Incredibles 2 as his next feature, but our heads are heads are already dreaming (in CGI, of course) of what his next installment could hold. As the Parr family suits up for a new adventure, we run through the moments we want to see most.

A Dr. Doom Stand-In

It's no secret that The Incredibles bare a strong resemblance to Marvel Comics' first super-powered family: The Fantastic Four. From the Parr family's power-sets to their quirky dynamics, the characters strike a chord very close Mr. Fantasic's, Invisible Girl's, The Thing's, and Human Torch's. With that in mind, it would amazing to see an Incredibles spin on The Fantasic Four's arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom.

Bird and Pixar could easily introduce the Doom stand-in as an old foe from Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's golden days, back to seek revenge on his old rivals. An Incredibles-Doom who just as brilliant and conniving as Marvel's, but also a satirization of Doom-speak and super villain posturing, would fit perfectly in the Incredibles' universe.

Introduce Another Comic Book Trope

The Fantastic Four aren't the Incredible's only loan from the world of superhero comics. The film also adapted the tried-and-true trope of government-backed superhero registration, an idea introduced in Alan Moore's Watchmen. It was interesting to see Pixar's simpler, brighter, world tackle such heady subject matter without losing any of its trademark charm. Similar comic book service for Incredibles 2 would go a long way towards getting comic fans in theater seats, as the anticipated the "Disney-fication" of another major comics beat. An interpretation of Marvel's Civil War would be a natural progression of the movie's relationship between the government and superheroes, but we wouldn't be opposed to a multiversal Crisis on Infinite Earths riff, either.

New Costumes


What's a superhero sequel without new and improved costumes? While the Incredibles' original duds were certainly iconic, they aren't immune to an upgrade. We're talking a jarring "Electric Blue Superman" here, but rather a tasteful update. A new spin on the original design would leave the team looking fresh, but memorable at the same time. Plus, new costumes are mighty fine excuse to bring the wonderful Mrs. Hogenson character back into the story.

Marvel Comics References


Now that The Incredibles and Marvel Comics share a corporate umbrella in Disney, an Easter egg or reference to the Marvel Universe feels like a no-brainer. It would be hilarious to see either the main cast or an extra flip through an actual Marvel comic book, or fake movie poster promoting Guardians of the Galaxy 5.

Disney Animation's Big Hero 6—though admittedly a Marvel Comics property—proved that successful Marvel Easter eggs could be done on the sly, without detracting from the real stars. Perhaps its time for a certain Mr. Stan Lee to make another animated Disney cameo.

Real-Time Aging

Mr. Incredible Young

Instead of picking up right where the original Incredibles left off, it would be far more interesting to see the cast as they've aged in the real-time between the Incredibles and Incredibles 2. More than 10 years have passed since the original film debuted, which could provide plenty of intriguing narrative fuel for a sequel. In the far-flung future, we could see Mr. Incredible and Elasti-Girl hand the reins to their children, who would be mature, adult superheroes. And by taking the elder protectors off of the board, the story would have room for brand-new superheroes to join Dash, Violet, and Jack Jack's team. Like Toy Story 3' successful jump into modern times, fans who grew up with the Incredibles franchise would only reap the engaging storytelling opportunities.


What would you like to see in the Incredibles sequel? Let us know in the comments.