The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1: No Sanctuary Synopsis Released

Details have started to trickle out about the first episode of The Walking Dead's upcoming fifth season, titled "No Sanctuary."

In the episode, AMC says:

We learn the true motives of the Terminans as Rick and the group find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Will they be able to work together?

It's interesting, because that notion -- of them working together -- is one that some fans had speculated about following the release of the Comic Con trailer. Others had poo-poohed the idea, but it seems distinctly possible -- at least at the moment -- that the Terminians might not be the black-and-white villains we'd previously believed.

Seemingly, we'll know soon enough, as the episode airs in less than a month and there's already some official images and information starting to come out.

The season premiere is written by showrunner Scott Gimple and directed by Emmy-winning visual effects guru Greg Nicotero. The Walking Dead returns on October 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.