The Walking Dead: Who Dies In "Thank You"


Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead should be an interesting adventure. On the heels of the Wolves attacking Alexandria, Rick and the group have to head back to their Safe-Zone while also keeping an insanely large herd of walkers at bay.

So, who's in danger in tonight's episode? Here are my predictions:

Rick: Safe. Let's be honest...

Carl: Safe. A perilous moment will likely find Carl later this season, but it won't be tonight, and he's safe until then.

Daryl: Mostly safe. It would be shocking to suddenly have Daryl offed by zombie or Wolf and would only build the momentum this season has created. His death would also heavily impact other characters with motivation to fight the Wolves and protect their home. He's also replaceable now with Carol and Michonne being so capable.

Carol: Safe. We've only just begun to see what Carol is capable of. Her and Morgan's dynamic will be developed. This isn't Game of Thrones.

Maggie: Safe. Her underlying pregnancy story is too undeveloped to waste.

Glenn: Mostly safe. If Maggie's story is going to be told, it probably needs Glenn, at least for a while. Plus, he's one of the few remaining season one folk. His loss wouldn't be a game-changer, either.

Deanna: In danger. If the horde reaches Alexandria, she'll likely go down in a blaze of gunshots and zombie guts.

Abraham: Mostly safe. Although his death is a bit further in the comic book comparison, he's been acting a little reckless lately.

Sasha: In danger. Speaking of reckless, Sasha has been haywire for a while now. If she acts up or gets out of line, Abraham isn't going to sacrifice himself to save her from a bad decision.

Tara: Safe. She survived the invasion. She's hanging at home.

Heath: Safe. Too new.

Judith: Safe. She hasn't been a factor lately and her death would be too sudden. Plus, Carol is around to look after her. When Carol's got your back, you're safe.

Nicholas: In danger. This guy is just a cowardly idiot who, despite taking orders from Glenn now, is still the dumb guy who let Noah die and scared of zombies and pressure. Leave him behind, would you?

Jessie: Safe. Since the episode will likely focus on Rick and the group's journey home, I doubt Jessie will be a huge factor.

Ron: In danger. Only because his bad choice of refusing Carl's offer for shelter should cost him.

Sam: Safe. Like I said, when Carol's got your back, you're safe.

Alexandrians: Dead. We'll certainly lose a few unnamed Alexandrians to the horde or Wolves as the group heads back.



Who do you think is in trouble in tonight's episode?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.