The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Was Victim Of Car Burglary

0commentsSteven Yeun and his Backpack

Steven Yeun spent this past weekend signing autographs and posing for photos with fans of The Walking Dead at the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia. snapped the photo above of Steven Yeun leaving the convention wearing a backpack. Unfortunately, this might be one of the last photos ever taken of Steven Yeun and his backpack. Sometime over the weekend a car burglar broke into Steven Yeun's vehicle and swiped his backpack, along with all the contents inside. Yeun lost a computer, a camera, several personal photos, a book, and a notebook full of his ideas. It was losing the notebook of ideas that upset Yeun the most. Yeun posted the following message to the car burglar via social media. Yeun wrote, "Hey. a**hole that broke into my car. I hope you enjoy what you find in my backpack. The computer I'm sure you sell to some other idiot. great. my camera is one of my favorite cameras. it's my ricoh. enjoy the pictures that I took on there of all the beautiful people that I love. but I hope you also enjoy the pictures I took of my stupid messy room. you also took my book too, you d**k. I was half way through that I have to start over from the beginning. that's just the rules. but for real what pisses me off most is that you took my notebook full of my dumb ideas that I will never use. I loved those dumb ideas. it was a constant reminder for me to do better. now I gotta write down all those dumb ideas over again. those are the rules. one particular section had some stand up jokes in there. well there goes my 5 minute set that I've been working on about wizards, vertigo, and chocobos. you're a d**k. but I still love you." Here's a closeup of at least what the straps and part of Yeun's backpack looked liked below. Hopefully, the thief will get caught or at least find the decency to figure out a way to return the notebook and other personal items to Yeun.

Steven Yeun backpack