Undertaker Expected To Return For WrestleMania 33, WWE Eyeing Goldberg Match

Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the all-time greatest wrestlers to grace the ring. He has been in the business for decades which is probably why injuries have slowly started to plague him. But the towering wrestling rock star just recently crashed the Cleveland Cavaliers season opener in full getup so fans (players included) could see that he was doing just fine. Now, WWE fully expects an Undertaker return for WrestleMania 33 and, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he might get one hell of a match lined up.


WrestleMania 33 is coming into much clearer vision, and Goldberg's return has had a lot to do with this. WWE is teeing up some solid storylines and now they might be lining up an Undertaker match with Goldberg, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

There is just one minor issue, though, Goldberg is only signed on for a one-match contract. That being said, it would behoove WWE to go ahead and lock in some kind of multi-match deal with Goldberg. Because let's be honest, we want to see Undertaker and Goldberg in the ring together.

The raging ex-football player turned wrestler used to be the core tentpole back during the WCW/NWO days, and now WWE is trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle and package it for their audience today. There's a small pocket age group that has no clue who Goldberg is, but WWE is seeking to correct that immediately. His return a couple weeks ago was enough on its own to make any wrestling fan's jaw drop.

Let it also be known that Sting (remember him?) is trying to get one more shot at Undertaker during WrestleMania 33, according to sources. His neck injury could prove to be detrimental, as it catapulted him into a potential early retirement.

Any way WrestleMania 33 is turned, it is going to encompass some awesome lineups that are sure to hit on every nostalgia point we can remember.

Everything at this point is simple speculation, but Undertaker is back out and making the media rounds. He has completely ditched the crutches and is obviously getting healthy again to take someone down. So we know something is brewing. It is just a matter of how WWE wants to angle it all.


Do you think Undertaker and Goldberg will go head to head at WrestleMania 33? Or do you think they will be side by side? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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