Watch The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand Nail Some Nano-Impressions


The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand, who you may know as Aaron, is quite the impressionist. While you were caught up in watching him in Alexandria, you might have missed the fact that he and his pal Jim Meskimen had their own show called Impress Me on PopTV, shot in Modern Family mockumentary style about the lives of two professional impersonators.

Well, the secret is totally out by now. Marquand's stardom, which started with his YouTube videos (many of which went viral), landed him not only the role on The Walking Dead, but today an impressions segment with Vanity Fair. In the two-minute video below, the actor nails a few nano-impressions of various celebrities from Brad Pitt to Christian Bale. To make it more fun, watch it with your eyes closed and see if you even believe it is Marquand at all!


The Walking Dead returns February 14 on AMC.