The Power Rangers of 1969 Will Have the First Female Black Ranger and Male Pink Ranger

There's was plenty of Power Rangers information to take in at New York Comic Con, but one of the biggest is the new look at the original Rangers, a group that includes the first male Pink Ranger.

Yep, that's right. Fans are still dealing with the bombshell in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #19 that Grace Sterling (head of Promethea) is the original Red Ranger. As writer Kyle Higgins has teased though, there was an entire team of Rangers in the 1960s, and now you have your first look at the whole crew.

Director of Global Consumer Products for Power Rangers Jason Bischoff shared a new image of the team that will be introduced in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #20, and it includes a few shakeups. Grace leads the team, appearing in her Red Ranger form, alongside a male Blue Ranger, a female Black Ranger, a male Yellow Ranger, and a male Pink Ranger.

That team is rather notable for a few reasons. First off, there's never been either a female Black Ranger or a male Pink Ranger thus far in Power Rangers history. There were male Pink Rangers in certain seasons of Super Sentai of course, but not in Power Rangers. As for a female Black Ranger, that's never been done in Super Sentai or Power Rangers to this point.

The Yellow Ranger being a male is a nice throwback to the Mighty Morphin show, as the Super Sentai counterpart was played by a male actor, but the stateside version always had female actors in the role.

Higgins spoke a bit about these brand new Rangers at New York Comic Con, including a bit more about the Blue Ranger, Nikolai.

"This will come out in issue #20, The Story of the 1969 Power Rangers and this deep look back at when I got to create five new Rangers from all different parts of the world. Nikolai from the Soviet Union doesn't speak English, so there are translations, communication issues, everything. They all have to work together in an unusual era," Higgins said.

It seems there is a plot to destroy the moon, and these new Rangers will be the ones to stop it. Thing is, where are they now, and what happened during that mission? Issue #20 is going to hold plenty of answers, but this story is just getting started.

You can view more from the New York Comic Con panel here.