Legend of the White Dragon: David Ramsey, Cerina Vincent & Jenna Frank Join The Cast

Legend of the White Dragon isn't too far off now, and we've got some exciting casting news for the anticipated project. Joining the cast are David Ramsey (Arrow, The Flash), Cerina Vincent (Stuck in the Middle/Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy), and Jenna Frank (aka J-Rae, My Morphin Life), and they will be playing the roles of Mayor Trevon Sterns, Rebecca Reed, and Ashley Reed respectively. In the project, Jason David Frank plays Erik Reed, who is attempting to regain the power of the White Dragon to save the world from Dragon Prime, and Vincent will play his wife in the film while Jenna will play the role of his daughter.

"Everyone knows that JDF has been holding down the superhero, martial arts, and all-around bad-assery space for years so when he hit me to be part of what he and Bat In The Sun were doing I couldn't resist," Ramsey said. "We've talked about working together for some time and this was 100 percent the right time and the right project! It's the perfect bended universe and I can't wait for every fan of this genre and even the newcomers to watch and enjoy. We've got some surprises! It's something special!"


"I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the badass universe that is Legend of the White Dragon! First, I'm a big fan of the father/son filmmaking team, Bat in the Sun. Aaron and Shaun and their whole crew are really impressive. AND... as a former Yellow Ranger...to work with Jason David Frank?! Total dream. Jason is extraordinary in this film, people will be blown away. It was really special to bring help bring his on-screen family to life. We had some really tender moments," Vincent said. "Hoping all my ranger fans will love it as much as I did! Got to play with his talented, beautiful daughter Jenna, and of course, Faunt is my favorite, too. Can't wait for the world to see this. It's going to be epic and will make a lot of fans very happy. "


You can find even more details on the new cast additions in the official descriptions below.

DAVID/MAYOR TREVON STERNS – After the White Dragon's devastating battle against Ashtagor, Mayor Trevon Sterns has taken office with a promise to protect Virtuo City, making sure such a tragedy never happens again and vowing to make the White Dragon (Erik Reed) pay for his crimes. The Mayor plays an important role, not just in this film, but in the larger story we hope to explore in future films as well.

JENNA FRANK/ASHLEY REED – Erik Reed's daughter. His heart. His motivation for returning to the city that cast him out, and the reason he takes up the mantle of the White Dragon once again. Having Jenna Frank (Jason Frank's actual daughter) in the role added such real and wonderful chemistry, giving both actors the opportunity to draw from their real life father/daughter closeness.


CERINA VINCENT/REBECCA REED – Erik Reed's wife. After her husband disappeared, Rebecca held the Reed family together, staying strong for her daughter and never giving up on the possibility of Erik's return, even after three long years. Having worked together in the past, Cerina and Jason Frank already had great on-screen chemistry which helped to capture the really emotional moments that tie the film together.

CIARA HANNA/VANESSA KATUA – Vanessa is Jai Katua's only love. She is his whole world and ultimately his motivation for vengeance when he becomes Dragon Prime. This is Ciara's second collaboration with Bat in the Sun and brought such a genuine charm to the character, making you love her immediately. The role called for someone who makes an impact and Ciara
delivered, making it easy to understand why Jai becomes the evil Dragon Prime.

You can find the official synopsis for Legend of the White Dragon below.

"The White Dragon, Erik Reed, has returned home to Virtuo City 3 years later after being defeated in a colossal battle against the ancient overlord, Ashtagor. The crystal he used to become the White Dragon was broken in two as a result of the epic battle, both pieces were subsequently lost. Being blamed for the destruction and collateral lives lost, his identity was outed after the battle thus making him a fugitive from the law. We now follow Erik on his journey as he teams up with treasure hunters from the past who help him reclaim his power as the White Dragon. Once reunited with his powers, he and his team are now ready to battle a new threat, Dragon Prime, who seeks revenge against the White Dragon. Erik must now try and defeat Dragon Prime in order to get one step closer to clearing his name and being able to protect his family from an ancient evil that still lurks in the darkness... Ashtagor."


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