Power Rangers: 25th Anniversary Rangers Talk Hasbro Era

Several classic Rangers are returning for the 25th Anniversary episode, and we had a chance to [...]

Several classic Rangers are returning for the 25th Anniversary episode, and we had a chance to talk to them about the new Hasbro era of Power Rangers.

ComicBook.com had the chance to talk to Power Rangers stars Jason Faunt (Time Force), Catherine Sutherland (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo), and Jason David Frank (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Dino Thunder) about the new Hasbro era of the franchise, and they are pretty excited at the possibilities.

"I don't know what Hasbro in plans, but I do know when you buy a brand new car, you take really good care of it," Faunt said. "So my guess is that this is their new baby and they're gonna go all in. I don't know why you'd have an acquisition of this size and not really just, hey man, Power Rangers and superheroes, that's what's making money now so this is something that we can really open up and go for."

"Saban's had it in his grasp for 25 years," Faunt said. "Like anything else after 25 years it might get a little stale. So I'm kind of hoping that they go all in with this and just double down on the new popularity of the show. I'm hoping that they recognize that a lot of the fans have grown older, and a little bit older content and incorporating ... I mean selfishly right? Incorporating previous Rangers into new seasons I think is imperative."

Faunt would love to see Hasbro experiment with the method of implementing classic Rangers as well.

"I mean even if you sneak in like a Pink Ranger reunion or maybe one Ranger comes back for a season and just gives them kind of flashes from the past," Faunt said. "I think people love that stuff. So I hope they dive in and really blow this thing up. And I hope they incorporate some past Rangers in their new stuff."

Sutherland is also excited to see what Hasbro has up its sleeve, and hopes they will continue to build the franchise that Saban helmed for so long.

"Well, I miss the Saban era so I always feel like they have a real handle on the show and what it means since Saban was the ones that created it but I think Hasbro is amazing company and I think they will bring something new and exciting to the show and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it."

As for this year's reunion episode, Frank thinks this is the perfect way to kick off a brand new era.

"This reunion episode by far will be the best and the biggest of all. I, honestly, can put that on the record because I'm the one in it," Frank said. "Listen, there were issues with Megaforce (Legendary Battle); a few producers that are no longer working there. Just certain problems that they had. They had such a great opportunity, but don't worry because we will make up for everything out there. This will be the biggest and the best reunion episode of all that. I'll put that on the record."

The 25th-anniversary special airs in primetime on Nickelodeon Tuesday, Aug. 28 at 8 p.m. ET. For more Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel coverage and all things Power Rangers, make sure to follow @MattMuellerCB on Twitter.