Saban Teases Big Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Announcement

2018 is the Power Rangers' 25th Anniversary, and Saban is teasing a big reveal very soon.That very [...]

2018 is the Power Rangers' 25th Anniversary, and Saban is teasing a big reveal very soon.

That very soon is actually tomorrow it turns out, though that announcement will be the first of several it seems. The official account shared a photo of the Black Ranger version of their Power Rangers 25 Years logo with the caption "Big surprises for the 25th Anniversary are in store... and the first one is revealed tomorrow! See you soon... #PowerRangers25."

There's definitely plenty of excitement regarding the reveal, and a look at the comments reveals a host of wants from fans. That includes plenty of requests for a Power Rangers sequel, as well as details on the big 25th Anniversary reunion episode that will take place during Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

It could also mean more information regarding the upcoming talent for Power Morphicon, as well as a possible announcement of what the next Power Rangers series will be after Super Ninja Steel.

There's no shortage of other possibilities either, as the Power Rangers universe has expanded quite a bit in recent years. It could be a new announcement regarding the Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game or a new video game entirely. It could also have something to do with the successful BOOM! Studios line of comics, which include the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers title and Go Go Power Rangers. Those two titles are already taking part in a pretty huge event this year called Shattered Grid, and more details on that would certainly be welcome.

Of course, since it is the first of several announcements, it could be a new line of figures, collectibles, or something else entirely, so guess fans will just have to wait and see.

The latest version of Power Rangers will release this month, as Super Ninja Steel hits Nickelodeon on January 27th, and you can get caught up on the series here.